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Video of Man Floating in the Sky Goes Viral

Footage shows humanoid figure hovering in the Sydney skies

By: Jay Greenberg  |@NeonNettle
 on 23rd October 2017 @ 1.32pm
footage captured a humanoid figure floating in the sky in sydney © YouTube
Footage captured a humanoid figure floating in the sky in Sydney

Shocking video footage has emerged that shows a humanoid figure floating through the sky above Sydney, Australia.

The dark human-like body appears to be a man hovering in the clouds, leaving witnesses stunned.

One witness, a 24-year-old British tourist named Scott, said he is still confused by what he saw, saying:

"It looked like a businessman in a suit waiting for a bus or something, but he was floating in the sky.


"Someone said it must be a balloon, but it was too rigid.

"If it wasn't a flying man, then I still have no idea what it was."

Daily Mail reports: It's not exactly clear what the object is but it is black and appears to be human-shaped.

The video was posted recently on Facebook and a voiceover that accompanies it says it was taken in Sydney last month, with the bizarre sighting lasting around five minutes.

The strange object can be seen hovering in the sky.

It briefly disappears before reappearing, then disappearing for good.

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