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Distressing Footage Of 'Cat Human Hybrid' Sends Internet Into MELTDOWN

Malaysian Police now involved following footage

By: Daniel Newton  |@NeonNettle
 on 20th October 2017 @ 12.37pm
footage of a  cat human  hybrid has gone viral across social media © press
Footage of a 'Cat Human' hybrid has gone viral across social media

Footage of a 'Cat Human' hybrid has gone viral across social media since it was released by an anonymous user.

The video he creature which appears to have both feline and human features is filmed seemingly asleep on the table.

The footage has caused such a stir that police in Malaysia were actually forced to publicly deny the existence of the creature as speculation of a government coverup on human and animal cloning.

It's not the first time animals suspected of being genetically modified have caused a stir, earlier this year crowds flocked to a small in a village in Northeastern India to see a 'cyclops' goat born with one eye.


The daily star reports: A NIGHTMARISH creature with features of a cat and a human has shocked the internet. Footage shows the four-legged monster seemingly asleep on a table.It has no fur and has huge fangs protruding from its mouth, while its eyes appear human-like. A person behind the camera strokes it under the chin but the creature refuses to spring to life.

However, all may not be as it seems.

Police in Malaysia were forced to deny the existence of the creature after people feared it was on the loose.

“Checks revealed the images were downloaded from the internet before it was shared on social media, claiming that the discovery was made in Pahang,” State police chief Datuk Rosli Abdul Rahman said.

“I hope the public will stop circulating news about the alleged discovery.”

It’s thought the monstrous animal is actually a silicon doll – designed to look like a baby werewolf.

While the creature is a fake, the same cannot be said for other terrifying discoveries in recent weeks.

A baby lamb born without any skin and a deformed head sparked fears it had been “sent by the devil”.

And viewers claimed to have spotted the mythical “skin walker” on camera last month.

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