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Was Trump Tower Fire A Warning From the Deep State To The President?

Donald Trump may be stopped by the new world order

By: Daniel Newton  |@NeonNettle
 on 8th January 2018 @ 2.00pm
a fire has broken out at trump tower © press
A fire has broken out at Trump Tower

Following the massive fire that broke out at the Trump Tower in New York this morning, claims that President Donald Trump may have received a "deep state warning" have begun to circulate on social media.

Fears the fire was started "deliberately" have begun to spread as dozens of firefighters scramble to tackle the inferno at Fifth Avenue in New York.

Alex Jones recently claimed the deep state had a long-term plan in place to remove the president from office by assassination, you only have to look at the likes of John Lennon, Gandhi, Martin Luther King who stood up to the New World Order.

Fresh claims from conspiracy websites suggest the socialist left-wing elites are hell-bent on "stopping Trump in his tracks" as he continues to bring America's economy back from the brink.

Russia warned about the deep state's assassination plot on Trump

A recent report written by the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service highlights that there is an 'active plot' to remove f Trump and his threat to the globalist agenda that is currently in place.

 russian foreign intelligence service claim that there is an  active plot  to remove trump © press
Russian Foreign Intelligence Service claim that there is an 'active plot' to remove Trump

According to the report, which was discovered in the possession of the 5 Saudi Arabian nationals detained by Lebanon’s intelligence services after their private jet was forced to land by Federation Aerospace Forces was a “heavily encrypted” laptop computer device.

READ MORE: Russia Says Donald Trump May Be Subject To Assassination Plot

The deep state, a group of unelected security officials who control the global agenda and the coming new world order, have been preparing to attack the President for a long time according to Alex Jones:

“They’re saying, ‘A month or two we’re going to kill the President, month or two we’re going to remove him,” AlexJones says. “This is so sinister.”

Infowars guest Mike Cernovich, added: “If they ban us from YouTube, that’s when Trump will be killed, there’s no question about it.

“They’re going to kill us, they’re going to kill him, they’re going to kill everybody.”

Alex Jones also predicted an assassination attempt on Trump just 20 days ago - see video below.

 the very short timeline between the trump tower fires and the fire at hillary clinton s home upstate new york home © press
The very short timeline between the Trump Tower fires and the fire at Hillary Clinton's home Upstate New York home

Fire at Hillary Clinton's house occurred on the birthday of Seth Rich

What's even more strange is the very short timeline between the Trump Tower fires and the fire at Hillary Clinton's home Upstate New York home on Wednesday.

A Chappaqua Fire Department source claimed incriminating evidence against the Clintons has been destroyed just days after White House insider warned that Donald Trump was preparing to prosecute their crimes.

Recent assassination attempts

A Utah man has been arrested and facing criminal charges after threatening to kill President Donald Trump according to an indictment filed Wednesday.

Police sources say Travis Luke Dominguez threatened the President, the police, a bank, another business and a movie theater after allegedly visiting the Ronald Reagan mkultra clinic.

On 30 June, Michael Sandford was charged with disrupting an official function, and two firearm offenses after telling police he had been planning to kill Trump for a year; the previous day he had been to a gun range to learn how to shoot.

He was living out of his car and was in the US illegally, having outstayed his visa. A month on, he faces up to 30 years in jail and his mother is still in shock.

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