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Video Emerges of Demi Moore Sexually Abusing a Child and Goes Viral

Old footage resurfaces that show the Hollywood actor assault a young boy

By: Jay Greenberg  |@NeonNettle
 on 14th November 2017 @ 12.37pm
video show hollywood actor demi moore sexually abusing a child © press
Video show Hollywood actor Demi Moore sexually abusing a child

As the entertainment world elite crumbles under a barrage of sexual misconduct, rape, and pedophilia claims, the latest Hollywood star set to topple is Demi Moore, after a video has resurfaced showing her sexually abusing a child.

The footage isn't new as it was filmed in 1982 and has been floating around for a few years, but up until recently, the mainstream media insisted that any suggestion of celebrities or politicians being pedophiles was "fake news."

Following recent revelations of the dark underbelly of the movie business, the world has behind to wake up the depravity that lurks behind these self-entitled entertainers.

The clip of Demi Moore that has reemerged was shot during filming for Entertainment Tonight when she was 19 and shows her grab a 15-year-old and passionately kiss him, open-mouthed.


Many have leaped to her defense, claiming the boy appears to be a willing participant, but the law stipulates that a child, who's under the legal age of consent, is not able to give their consent.

Non-consensual sexual contact between an adult and a child is pedophilia, plain and simple.

People would be less willing to jump to the defense of an adult male who was behaving in the same way with an underage female.

According to the MailOnline, the video was aired in 1982 by Entertainment Tonight when Moore was 19 and centers on the 15th birthday of her General Hospital co-star Philip Tanzini.


Independent reports: Posted on YouTube in 2012 and racking up over 6.5million views, the five-minute montage sees Moore initiate a kiss with Tanzini on three separate occasions (1:22, 1:49 and 4:36).

Moore professes her love for Tanzini throughout the video, saying:

"I love Phillip and he's the only one I love... I love him dearly, he's one of my most favorite people... He's truly terrific and I really love him."

She also says, perhaps jokingly, that she intends to marry Tanzini, despite being married herself at the time, having wed her first husband, Freddy Moore, when she was 17.

Following the success of General Hospital, which still runs today with new cast members, Moore went on to enjoy a long and high profile career, while Tanzini never found fame, today providing voiceover work for TV shows and commercials.

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