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Transgender Wearing Trump Hat For Social Experiment Almost Blinded By Attacker

Conservative Youtube vlogger attacked in Hollywood

By: Daniel Newton  |@NeonNettle
 on 13th November 2017 @ 9.00pm
transgender  blaire white  attacked by hollywood liberal © press
Transgender, Blaire White, attacked by Hollywood liberal

Footage of a transgender Youtube vlogger, who wore a “Make America Great Again” around a supposedly 'liberal' Hollywood, has revealed the violent reality of the progressive left.  

Transgender, Blaire White, a well known conservative YouTube blogger, published a video of himself wearing a Trump hat around Hollywood revealing how he was attacked by the progressive leftist.

The social experiment has revealed the somewhat hypocritical paradox of what it means to be a modern 'progressive' liberal.


The Daily Caller reports: “This is not us trying to be edgy conservatives, sticking it to the libtards of Hollywood,” White said. “If I lived in like Arkansas or something, I would probably think it was just as interesting to wear a Hillary hat, so let’s just see what happens.”

At their first stop in West Hollywood, the couple received a few “awkward stares,” but overall the bystanders were polite. Wanting to experiment in other areas, the pair then went to Hollywood Boulevard, home of the famous “Walk of Fame.”

Upon arriving, a protest of President Donald Trump quickly became violent when a male activist in a pink pussy hat snatched and stomped on Sarson’s hat and White’s hand. The police ended up getting the hat back for Sarson; however, most of White’s fingernail was ripped off in the violent encounter.

White started filming an interview after this exchange, when a woman tossed a drink in his face and ran away. The bloggers tried to determine what was on White’s face, eventually deciding it was an unidentifiable type of alcohol giving off a burning sensation.

“We never did anything remotely inflammatory or investigative to anyone. The point of this video was simply to wear a conservative symbol in a very liberal area,” White said.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reached out to White for comment, but received none in time for publication.

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