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Robert Mueller Files 294 Indictments Against Hollywood & DC Pedophile Ring

number of indictments are completely unheard of

By: Daniel Newton  |@NeonNettle
 on 10th November 2017 @ 9.10pm
a number of indictments are considered by © press
A number of indictments are considered by

A massive 294 sealed indictments have been filed by special counsel Robert Mueller to Federal Courts around the U.S against elite pedophile rings operating in D.C and Hollywood 

The large number of indictments are considered by "insiders" as "completely unheard of".

Corey Feldman has warned that the pedophile ring that has infested Hollywood reaches far beyond the entertainment industry and is "connected to a bigger, darker power and the government".

According to Halturnerradioshow.com Between the 294 Indictments now located across the country PLUS the 81 in Washington, DC and in Eastern Virginia, that's almost 400 Sealed Indictments. The lawyer told me this number is "off the charts . . . .no one has seen anything like this."

Sealed indictments are a verifiable public record. We don't know whats in them yet, but you can see they are there and it's sure as heck not normal, it's unprecedented. There has never been this many at once . . . ever.

I'm just connecting the dots. Pedophile cases in the news every single day for the last 3 weeks? We've gone years without hearing about any pedophile stuff, but now in the last 3 weeks it's case, after case, after case, after case of some pervert, from Hollywood to DC.

Uranium One with all the Bribery, Kickbacks, Extortion and Money Laundering.

The fake Trump "Dossier" where Clinton and the DNC laundered money through the Perkins Coie Law Firm to hide the expenditures from campaign finance disclosure laws.

All of the locations given are the home bases of the previous administrations back to Bush.

Trump could be doing 9/11 and Pedogate, Uranium One, the Classified Hillary email scandal, pay to play, rigging the Democratic Primary Election, illegally spying on his campaign. ... all of it known and unknown.

What if these indictments are the U.S. (Trump) version of the Saudi Arabia counter coup?

The crown prince just had many in his own royal family arrested for corruption.

What if these indictments are the same type of mass sweep of corrupt individuals?

I think that when these Sealed Indictments are made public, it will shake the corridors of power in this country right to the very core. I think the Halls of Power -- "The Elite" -- are being brought down.

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