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WW3 False Flag Exposed: Photos Show US Jets Disguised a Russian Planes

American Fighter Jets Camouflaged as Russian Warplanes

By: Jacky Murphy  |@NeonNettle
 on 11th February 2017 @ 9.30am
us jets clearly disguised to look like russian fighter planes in leaked photos © Press
US jets clearly disguised to look like Russian fighter planes in leaked photos

Leaked images have just emerged that clearly show US fighter jets disguised to look like Russian military planes.

With tensions mounting in the middle east between the US and Russia, the internet has been set ablaze with rumors that this is the latest false flag, that has been engineered by the American government, to trigger World War 3 and gain support for an all-out nuclear war with Russia.


PressTV reports: The photographs, taken by a Canadian journalist last week, purport to show F/A-18 fighter jets painted with blue patterns similar to those employed by the Russian military, the RT reported Tuesday.

Although the journalist noted on his Twitter account that the airplanes represented potential adversaries as a common training tactic, skeptics put their own spin on the story.

“The United States has been caught repainting several of their fighter jets in RUSSIAN Air Force Colors. Training? Or are they preparing to launch a horrific bombing inside Syria, then blaming it on the Russians as a precursor to US military action inside Syria?” said one Facebook user. 

“So did you guys read that article of the US Army painting bomber jets the colors of Russian jets? Prepare for another false flag coming...” wrote Twitter user Rob Lu-Wong.

Tom, another Twitter user, went as far as writing a scenario where “FA-18/A jets in Russian colors sink US Navy ship.” He finishes by asking a question: “USS Liberty style new PearlHarbour?”

Using aggressor squadrons, which employ similar tactics to the enemy for more realistic scenarios during training, is a common practice by the US and other militaries around the world.

However, the images come at a time when Washington and Moscow have reached a dead-end in their negotiations over Syria, giving the perfect ground for conspiracy theorists to weigh in with their extreme scenarios of a looming conflict.

Although some American officials have escalated their anti-Russia rhetoric with regards to the country’s air campaign against foreign-backed Takfiri militants fighting the government in Syria, the White House has categorically rejected the notion of a direct confrontation with Russia.

This is while over the past several months, Russian and American warplanes have become dangerously close mid-air on many occasions, prompting concerns about unwanted consequences.

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