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Space Travel Possible Through New Funeral Options with Mesoloft

Your ashes can boldly go where you’ve never gone before

By: Sean Fitzsimons  |@theseanfitz
 on 2nd August 2017 @ 8.15pm
the view from the go pro camera attached to the device that releases you ashes  © Youtube
The view from the go pro camera attached to the device that releases you ashes.

For most people, traveling to space is a dream that will never be fulfilled in their lifetime, however, that dream can now be realized in death with the emergence of stratospheric and space flight memorial services amongst other alternative funeral practices.

The Huffington Post reports that a company based in Kentucky, USA has introduced the opportunity for a person’s ashes to be flown by a weather balloon 20 miles into the stratosphere – almost as high as Felix Baumgartner’s record breaking supersonic freefall.

The ashes are then released into the air where they will return to Earth in the form of dust, raindrops, or even snowflakes, according to the company, Mesoloft.

Details of the procedure are explained in this slightly-creepy promotional video below at the bottom of the article.

could this be a fitting tribute for a person who has a love of space  © YouTube
Could this be a fitting tribute for a person who has a love of space?

The flight of the ashes into "near space" will also be filmed by GoPro cameras for the loved ones of the deceased to keep as commemorative footage.

Prices begin at $2,800 for a scheduled launch from three of the company’s designated sites in North America, or for a whopping $7,500 the launch can be scheduled from a sentimental location of the customer’s choice.

For anyone who wishes to truly conquer the final frontier in death, there is another American based company which will actually take a portion of cremated remains onto a scheduled space mission.

Through an agreement with commercial space launch services, Celestis Memorial Spaceflights are able to release a portion of ashes into the earth’s orbit, a lunar orbit or even into deep space!

According to the company, this offers the chance for a loved-one to “be at one with the cosmos, on a mission of exploration and discovery.” Quite audacious claims to match the $12,500 price tag that it costs to fly 1 gram of human ashes to infinity…

If flying through space doesn’t meet someone’s needs in death, there are other alternative funerals available within the confines of the earth’s atmosphere.

Sticking with the Sci-fi theme, at the top end of bank-busting options is Cryonics, where in a Fry-from-Futurama meets real life scenario, a human body can be frozen in the hope that later medical science will be able to revive them.

Prices to become a ‘corpsicle’ can reach up to $200,000 or for a Richard-Nixon-from-Futurama approach, a head can be frozen for $80,000.

On a more natural level, Eternal reef’s can take the remains of a cremation and place them inside concrete orbs which are used to restore a dying reef. Within a few years, human bones can help to restore a thriving undersea habitat while the small reef itself stands as a memorial to the deceased.

For the ultra-retro funeral, there remains the millennium-old option of mummification, which, according to one company who provides the service, “allows you to leave this life in as beautiful manner as possible.”

With a number of alternative ways to send off a loved one, it may be worth checking with them sooner rather than later how they would like to spend their ‘afterlife’, before making any decisions on sending them into space or to the bottom of the Ocean. 

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