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Witches Vs. Paedophiles! The Battle For Highgate Woods

Can Ancient Spirits Protect Children From Paedophiles?

By: Layla Randle-Conde  |@LaylaBombayla
 on 20th October 2014 @ 6.36pm
highgate pagan residence calling on fierce goddesses to protect their children from a hidden evil © Facebook
Highgate Pagan residence Calling on fierce Goddesses to protect their children from a hidden evil

A circle of Witches, Pagans, Shamans and Psychics in an ancient wood, with clouds of heady incense, calling upon horned deities and fierce Goddesses to protect their children from a hidden evil. Was this some dark ritual, conducted at midnight in a secret location?

Well no actually. It happened on a bright Saturday afternoon, not far from Highgate Tube Station in North London. When a convicted pedophile moved back into the area around Highgate woods, which is frequented by many young children, a local Pagan parent organized a ‘Protection Rite’ – a ritual calling on ancient Gods and Goddesses and the spirits of the sacred grove to protect children playing in the woods. 

Despite the unpredictable nature of the Tube – many arrived by replacement bus, thirteen Pagans from all over London took part in the ritual, which took place at the center of Queens Wood on Saturday afternoon, in an area known locally as 'The Witches Coven', a clearing surrounded by thirteen great oak trees. Many more witches, pagans, and powerful psychics worldwide were also ‘linking in’ to the ritual and sending their energy, thanks to an event set up on Facebook, including the well known Druid and Eco warrior. King Arthur Pendragon, who gave a blessing at the start of the ritual via one of his priestesses.   

“As the pagan community have used these beautiful woods for gatherings and ceremonies for years, now we can come together and use our magic for good, to help with protective magic for the children,” said Carrie Kirkpatrick, local Pagan parent and organizer of the ritual.

Carrie, an initiated witch, priestess of the Goddess and former TV psychic personality, who now runs Oracle TV and Psychic Oracle magazine, used the online publication to promote the event via social media.

“I put the shout out to the pagan community to help me as I knew that many groups have used this sacred grove for meetings over the past 60 years. I teamed up with Mani Navasothy of Hernes Tribe to organize the group ritual with representatives from the Pagan Federation lending their support. Everyone wanted to show their appreciation of this sacred site and help to keep it safe.”  

The ritual was declared a success, with participants feeling as though they had connected with the ancient Goddesses, Gods and spirits of the Grove and helped to protect local children and people using the woods.

“Towards the end of the ritual we were joined by several hounds – wonderful, exuberant and happy dogs that ran into the circle and wanted to stay with us. Some children also started to play nearby, completely at home with our presence. We took this as a sign from the Goddesses Diana and Artemis, who are the protectresses of children and wild animals and have always been depicted as being accompanied by hunting dogs.” 

highgate cemetery near highgate woods in london © Twitter
Highgate Cemetery near Highgate woods in London

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