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CIA MEMO From 1967 Reveals A Secret Trick Used To Discredit Conspiracy Theorists

Central Intelligence agency weaponized use of term

By: Jack Murphy  |@NeonNettle
 on 12th May 2017 @ 3.51pm
a us poll revealed that 46  percent of americans did not believe the official story  prompting the cia to release a memo © press
a US poll revealed that 46% percent of Americans did not believe the official story, prompting the CIA to release a memo

The term “Conspiracy theorist” has become synonymous with tin foil hats and Nerdy teenagers trawling through Reddit forums in the moms' basement, but it wasn't always that.  


Although "fake news" seems to have taken the thrown of the "kooky" critical thinkers, it seems that being a conspiracy theorist wasn't always about tin foils hats. 

Just after the JFK assassination, a US poll revealed that 46% percent of Americans did not believe the official story, prompting the CIA to release a memo to deal with what they saw as a threat.

Truthstreammedia reports: House Select Committee on Assassinations investigated JFK’s murder and concluded that, “Scientific acoustical evidence establishes a high probability that two gunmen fired at President John F. Kennedy,” and that “President John F. Kennedy was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy.”)

 At the same time, Mark Lane had just released his book “Rush to Judgment: A Critique of the Warren Commission’s Inquiry into the Murders of President John F. Kennedy, Officer J. D. Tippit and Lee Harvey Oswald” and a three-judge panel had just ruled that District Attorney Jim Garrison had enough evidence to take Clay Shaw to trial on charges of conspiring to assassinate JFK.

The Central Intelligence Agency released the following memo in April 1967 categorized as “PSYCH” which essentially weaponized the use of the label “conspiracy theorist” and laid out a number of dirty tactics using “elite friendly contacts” including politicians and media figures to discredit and shut down any claims and ultimately demonize anyone who attempted to challenge the government’s official version of events.

This is how it worked then and it’s clearly still how it works today.

If you read this document, you’ll see elements of it still in play today every time a major event takes place that the system does not want anyone asking questions about.

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