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Mafia Child Traffickers Supplying Ninth Circle Satanic Cult Foiled

Kevin Annett details 'European children killed in rituals'

By: Anna Bragga  |@Anna_Bragga
 on 6th October 2014 @ 1.09pm
the vatican   elusive group linked to organised rape  child sacrifice and the ninth circle satanic cult © Twitter
The Vatican - elusive group linked to organised rape, child sacrifice and the Ninth Circle Satanic Cult

An international movement seeking to disestablish the Vatican for its role in the organised rape, torture and murder of children, is claiming it performed a key role in a police operation that led to the rescue of 30 Romanian children from a mafia child trafficking syndicate reported by Russia Today, September 24th 2014.

The Italian Ndrangheta network had planned to supply the children to individuals participating in Satanic Ninth Circle rituals in Belgium and Holland, says Rev. Kevin Annett, Field Secretary of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS), but that plan was thwarted when Euro police conducted raids using ITCCS evidence.

“It’s really following up on the first step we took in Montreal,” he says in an exclusive Exopolitics TV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre. “On August 15th we actually had the support of the Montreal Police in stopping one of these rituals of the Ninth Circle sacrificial cult. Based on that, a number of European police agencies whom we’ve been in communication with, were encouraged, and in fact acted on some of the information we’ve been giving them over a number of months.”

“Those 30 children are in fact not just Romanians. They [the media] didn’t get the story quite right; they are Portuguese and Romanian children. The criminal syndicate involved is Ndrangheta, which we proved has been providing children for these sacrificial rituals of the Ninth Circle in Belgium and Holland. Anne Marie van Blijenburgh’sstatement describes some of that.”

a vatican frightening statue depicting a roman man surrounded by infants © Every Stock Photo
A Vatican frightening statue depicting a Roman man surrounded by infants

The Ninth Circle Satanic child sacrifice cult, comprising global elites, is said to operate at Roman Catholic cathedrals in Montreal, New York, Rome and London according to evidence filed in the Brussels-based International Common Law Court of Justice.

If the children hadn’t been rescued they would have been awaiting rape or execution, states Annett.

“We found that once children are grabbed, they’re killed very quickly. They are not held for a very long time because they realise the chance of detection increases the longer you hold the children. We found from the point at which children are abducted to their rape, torture and murder, is often no longer than 48 hours. So we definitely saved the lives of those children. Not only that, we sent out a signal, and we saw a response to that in the Vatican.

“As the Ndrangheta network is being exposed, we find that in other Third World areas like the Caribbean and South America, children are being trafficked in the same way through these Catholic pipelines. Wesolowski [Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski] was part of that.”

 “The Vatican are claiming he’s been arrested and de-frocked. That’s not true. They’ve simply put him under protective custody like they have Joseph Ratzinger. In the Vatican, you can’t be arrested and tried by Interpol, as is happening now. That’s not just to save him, but to re-state what Pope Francis said recently, and that was: ‘we’re not going to follow the laws of other countries; we’re going to try our own’. Which means, we’re going to protect these child rapists and send them off and make sure they’re never brought to trial. It’s a way for the Vatican to say: ‘we are the law, we’re not going to abide by the child protection laws’.”

pope francis   we re not going to follow the laws of other countries  we re going to try our own © Every Stock Photo
Pope Francis: 'We're not going to follow the laws of other countries, we're going to try our own'

The evidence being gathered by the ITCCS – although largely anecdotal - suggests that the Vatican, European monarchies and corporations like Cargill are part of a worldwide Satanic network.

The ITCCS is now working with police in at least three European countries to track worldwide child trafficking networks that feed children directly into the Ninth Circle.

On August 15, ITCCS members were instrumental in the take down of a planned Satanic child sacrifice ritual in Montreal, resulting in the arrest of two Satanic Ninth Circle participants.

“It’s part of a global system,” adds Annett. “We’re not only showing the different arms of the octopus, we’re showing where the arms lead, to the head of the octopus, and now the police are being forced to act on this.”

Much of the ITCCS’s work with the police is shrouded in secrecy, for good reason. The head of the human trafficking unit of Ottawa police, Sergeant Kal Ghadban,

a possible supporter of the Montreal Ninth Circle take down, died suddenly at Elgin street police station after suffering serious injuries following an “incident”. Ottawa police are claiming he took his own life, but no evidence of the circumstances of his death have been released.

A full report and documentary film is being prepared, because “the evidence is so wide,” says Annett. The trafficked children being tortured and killed in the rituals come from across the globe.

“The areas they found children are coming out of are Third World countries, youth detention centres in ‘First World’ countries, Indian reservations and Catholic orphanages. Those are the main areas.”

“We know that Cargill, the large food company in America, have, according to eye witnesses, been heavily involved in abducting children off Indian reservations. These sacrificial rituals have even occurred in the basement of Cargill corporate headquarters in Minnesota. We are working with people in Minneapolis and some of the Common Law sheriffs there to set up a task force to start putting Cargill on trial, and the arrest warrants issued against corporate executives.”


kevin annett  left  has been jailed and even survived an attempted assassination for being outspoken about historical child abuse and genocide © Every Stock Photo
Kevin Annett (left) has been jailed and even survived an attempted assassination for being outspoken about historical child abuse and genocide

An outspoken critic of the major Churches since 1992, when as an ordained minister of the United Church of Canada, he discovered a history of child abuse and genocide committed against over 50,000 native children, Annett has risked everything in his pursuit of justice. He recently survived an attempted assassination when the brake lines were cut in his car, and in May 2011 was jailed and deported from London by the UK Border Agency and its private corporate partner, Reliance Ltd, for the “crime” of speaking out publicly about the complicity of the British Crown and the Vatican in genocide and child trafficking.

Watch out for Neon Nettle’s very own exclusive interview with Rev. Kevin Annett – coming soon.



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